School sues over "defective" toilet paper

BOULDER, CO (KDVR/CNN) - Can toilet paper be "defective?"

The University of Colorado says yes. The college has filed a lawsuit against the two companies that supplied T.P. to the school.

The school says the toilet paper failed to disperse properly and caused the toilets and sewer lines to become clogged.

"Sometimes there will be water on the ground. There will be toilets that are completely full. Unusable," said student Mallory Phillips.

The university says it cost more than $40,000 to deal and repair with the plumbing issues.

Some students question if the troublesome toilet paper is really the problem.

"It could be something else. Some of these buildings are really old and maybe the plumbing doesn't work the way it should," said student Rebecca Smith.

Others support the suit, saying the school can't afford to flush good money down the toilet.

The claims the school filed against the two companies include breach of contract, breach of implied warranty and negligence.

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