Tender Love and Care Brings Story of Survival


"She's doing great...she's hanging in there, she's not starved anymore, she's gained quite a few pounds. She's done with rehabilitation and she's going to make somebody an awesome horse," says Barbara Levitzki of her foster horse Katie.

Katie is a 13 year old mare who just several weeks ago was found starved and mistreated. Now, after being saved by the Lone Star Equine Rescue group, Katie has become a lovable horse. Not only is Katie at full strength, she's also on the verge of being adopted and what the rescue agency has found out is that she could become a championship barrel racer.

Katie's and the other horses survival would not be possible without countless volunteers of the lone Star Equine Rescue group. Not only do they save abandoned animals, but also find foster homes and help get the animals adopted.

Doctor Shawn Penn has worked with the rescue group and their animals for three years.

"A lot of these animals would go being neglected, a lot would die from starvation or develop problems where they would have to be put down and even with the program some are in that condition but certainly a lot more would die," said Dr. Penn.

For the rescue group and its volunteers, that's something they will just not let happen.