Lufkin police investigating alleged jealous boyfriend-sparked aggravated assault

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - According to Sergeant Scott Cagnon with LPD, a couple's verbal argument turned physical Saturday night.  The boyfriend's alleged jealousy sparking a group assault.

Cagnon says the argument began at a house party where they were watching a fight on TV.  Two groups of people were at the party, one included the boyfriend and his friends.  The other, included the girlfriend and some other men.  After the boyfriend left, Cagnon says, he began sending her mean text messages.

The girlfriend's group left for another home on the 1900 block of Cairo to continue hanging out.  At some point, the boyfriend's group drove to the house wielding large, wooden sticks.  The police report states the men attacked those at the home.  According to Cagnon, the boyfriend punched his girlfriend in the head.

However, before police arrived at the scene, the group of men had left.  The group the house had sustained bruises and marks, but did not want to seek medical attention.  The girlfriend was transported to a Lufkin hospital since she was suffering from an asthma attack and a large knot on her head.

The case will be handed over to detectives to continue the investigation.  Cagnon says these are known suspects, and arrest warrants maybe sought.

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