How to get a break at the gas pump

The shock from the price of a gallon of gas might be wearing off, but not the cost once you fill up.

Here are things you can do to catch a break at the pump:

Use the correct oil.

Keep air filters clean.

Do the regular maintenance on the vehicle. (Battery in good condition, cables connected, fluids topped off)

Make sure the tire pressure is correct.

Start slow.

Stop slow.

Maintain the same speed and use cruise control.

Keep the tank full.

Use fuel treatment every 2-3 months.

Empty your trunk.

Analysts expect the government will report Wednesday that oil supplies grew for the third straight week, though analyst Phil Flynn says the Mississippi River flood could knock out some refineries and tighten supplies of high-quality crude.

Gas pump prices continue to retreat. The national average dropped nearly a penny to $3.95 per gallon.

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