Bats force family from home

By Cade Fowler - bio | email

AMERICUS, GA (WALB) – An Americus family has been forced out of their apartment by another family - a family of bats.

They finally packed up Monday night after a bat landed on a 6-week old baby who ended up going to the hospital.

"I killed like 13 baby bats and let the mama bat out. It's just been drastic," said Marquavious Minter

The nocturnal creatures wreaked havoc - swarming Minter and his girlfriend Laronda Carter.

"I've been killing, killing, killing," Minter said.

But their 6 week old baby girl became a landing spot for one of those bats.

"I almost had a heart attack," Minter said. "I had to grab the bat with my bare hand and throw it off my baby. I don't what's wrong with me. I probably got to go get checked."

Little Nyasia went to the hospital. Thankfully, she wasn't bitten.

Kathy Carter took us inside her daughter's unit Tuesday at the Country Club Apartments, all the while being very cautious knowing other bats might be inside.

"I'm scared. I'm scared just being in here," she said.

The damage to the walls in the apartment show where the couple beat the bats when they flew out from behind a light fixture.

"I have contacted environmental service. I've contacted the housing authority. I contacted Dooly Rentals the owners of these apartments."

Carter says Dooly Rental came out Tuesday and tried to get rid of the bats, but when her daughter came back to her apartment, she killed two more.

"That's the scary part about it. We don't know how many bats are living in this apartment," she said.

And until that number is zero, her child and grandchild won't be staying around to find out.

Carter tells us the apartment owner Dooly Rental came out about a month ago to rid the apartments of bats, but the bats came back.

She doesn't understand how the apartment passed inspection from the housing authority.

Neighbors tell us they often see bats flying around in the neighborhood.

Health officials say if you find a bat in your home, you should get checked out by a doctor to make sure a bat hasn't bitten you in your sleep.

We tried contacting Dooly Rentals, but they did return our phone calls.

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