Lufkinites share how they're saving at the pumps

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Here are some expressions of pain at the pump.

"They're outrageous," Wes Fincher said. "Just outrageous."

"I think it's terrible," Joyce Carl said.

Lufkin drivers dismayed over gas costing close to $4 a gallon say it's taking a toll.

"It used to take me 30 dollars to fill up my jeep," Tim Robinson said. "It takes me $50 to fill it up. It takes away from my weekly budget."

Wes Fincher says he doesn't even know how much more it costs to fill his tank.

"I don't know," Fincher said. "I don't fill my tank up anymore. It makes me sick when I do."

Robinson says he's doing a lot to cut back on gas.

"I carpool in the morning with a friend of mine," he said. "We ride to work together, ride home together every day."

But some folks are taking a different route, ditching the car all together.

"Business has been exceptionally well," Cycle Owner Scott Wilcox said. "In fact, we've been the busiest we've seen within the past five years."

Cycle Heaven owner Scott Wilcox says he's capitalizing on high prices at the pump.

"Those who've been on the fence about getting a motorcycle in the past will look at getting one now because they can justify that purchase," Wilcox said.

That's because an average bike goes 200 miles on one five-gallon tank of gas.

"For instance, if you run super-unleaded in a Harley Davidson you're looking at 15 bucks versus 70 to 100 in an automobile," Wilcox said.

Taking a motorcycle out on the road isn't just about saving money on gas, but as they say here at Cycle Heaven, spending time behind bars is a lot of fun.

"Not only can it be your mode of transportation back and forth to work, but you can get out on the weekends and enjoy the East Texas countryside," Wilcox said.

But if, as many hope, gas prices take a nose dive, Joyce Carl has plans to get back behind the wheel.

"Go visit my sister more," Carl said. "She lives in Liberty and she's 92 years-old. I'd love to go visit her more."

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