Lufkin funnyman appearing on Leno tonight

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LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - On most days, Timothy Banfield is sweating under a cow costume and entertaining children. But on Tuesday night, he'll be on a big stage entertaining millions across the world on The Tonight Show.

Banfield, 23, of Lufkin, will appear on a segment called, "Does This Thrill Bill," a regular feature on The Tonight Show in which different talents see if they can entertain actor William Shatner.

Banfield, who works as "Cow" at Chick-fil-A in Lufkin Mall, said this is by far the biggest stage of his life.

"I did a birthday party before for a friend who turned 50," he said. "At first I wasn't planning on getting paid, but they passed around something and put change in it and gave it to me."

Jay Leno's staff discovered Banfield on YouTube, where he has several videos of his impersonations. He said staff from the show called him and asked him to appear on the program to do an impersonation of Shatner.

"I'll be doing a lot of impersonations, but that's the main one," he said.

Banfield said he can do about 200 impersonations, ranging from Barry White to Elmo. He started it as a child, when he perfected Yoda, of Star Wars fame.

Banfield says tonight may be his big break.

"Before I was pretty nervous because I wasn't sure I would really be able to do this until I got here," he said. "But now I'm not, because I'm doing something I've done before. I do impersonations, I do them a lot and I do them well."

For those that want to see Banfield's act live, he will be performing Friday night at Downtown Cafe in Lufkin at 7:30 p.m.

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