Wild Hog Roundup nets 724 kills

CENTER, TX (KTRE) - Press release

Wulf Outdoor Sports, East Texas Premier Outdoor Store, and Pineywoods Beverage are pleased to announce the winners of the Wild Hog Roundup.

The wild hog-hunting contest took place in Shelby and surrounding counties over a 10-day period.  A total of 37 teams from across the State of Texas competed for $16,000 in prize money for the most Feral Hogs killed from May 5th-14th. A total of 724 hogs were killed during the contest. Landowners and businesses throughout Shelby and surrounding counties donated money for the contest in an effort to help minimize the Feral Hog population and raise awareness in the hunting community about the significant damage Feral Hogs are causing to land throughout East Texas.

Payouts were broken down as follows:

  • $10,000 was paid to the team that killed the most hogs.

Paid to Team "Pig Thrillers" from Shelby    County for killing 154 hogs.

Team members: Scott Foster, Will Lucas, Ed Johnson and Nathan Phelps

  • $500 a day was paid to the team that killed the most hogs.

May 5th- Caney Creek Hog Team-        19 hogs killed

May 6th- Pig Thrillers-                         31 Hogs killed

May 7th- Cindero Consultant, Inc-        44 hogs killed

May 8th- Pig Thrillers-                           33 hogs killed

May 9th-Rockin' R-                                   10 hogs killed

May 10th-Caey Creek Hog Team                      9 hogs killed

May 11th- J&J Hunting/ Pig Thrillers   10 hogs killed-tie

May 12th-Pig Thrillers                           17 hogs killed

May 13th-Pig Thrillers                           20 hogs killed

May 14th-Pig Thrillers                             35 hogs killed

  • $1,000 was paid for the heaviest hog: Sponsored by Farmer's State Bank

Paid to Team:  Attoyac River Boys for 400lb hog.  Team members:  Ronald Murdock, Tanner    Murdock, Cole Fuller, and Travis Garrett

The Grand Prize team and daily winners were polygraph tested to insure that all hunting was done by legal means and in accordance with the contest rules. For more information on the Wild Hog Roundup please visit www.wulfoutdoorsports.com or call 936-598-8310.