Former SFA player arrested for ballpark highlight

Kevin Crabtree mug shot courtesy of Houston Police.
Kevin Crabtree mug shot courtesy of Houston Police.

HOUSTON, TX (KTRE) - A national website reports that a former SFA baseball player has been charged with running around Minute Maid Park in Houston and eluding security officers.

Kevin Wayne Crabtree, 27, of Sugarland, is charged in Harris County with criminal trespass and evading arrest.

A YouTube video shows a man running around the outfield last Friday in the ninth inning of the Houston Astros game. He runs away from one officer and up Tal's Hill in centerfield, jumps over the outfield fence and up a series of stairs before he meets another officer. He then pulls himself up to a grass-covered structure and ran over to an opening in the wall where he drops out of sight to the fans in attendance but in reality to the concession area of the ballpark. reports authorities arrested Crabtree, a former outfielder at SFA.

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