Lufkin police arrest mom for intoxicated assault of kids

Rhonda Evans' mug shot - courtesy of Angelina County Jail
Rhonda Evans' mug shot - courtesy of Angelina County Jail
LPD's Corporal Trent Sobolewski
LPD's Corporal Trent Sobolewski

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Lufkin police arrested a woman Friday evening after the car she was driving hit a guardrail on the north loop.

Rhonda Evans, 32 of Lufkin, was driving a four-door 2008 Toyota westbound on near the 200 block of Ellen Trout Drive.

"Investigators believe she swerved to the right, and back to the left, and that time she collided with the guardrail," said Corporal Trent Sobolewski with LPD.

The car went sideways against the guardrail before stopping upright in the median.

When police officers arrived on the scene, they realized Evans had five other passengers in the car and four of them were injured.

"There was numerous victims out of the car laying on the ground, still in the car. The first thing you gotta do is start treating injuries..."said Sobolewski.

Josiah Braglin, 26, was treated and released at a Lufkin hospital.  The three others were minor girls under the age of ten.  One was treated and released at a Lufkin hospital.  The other two had to be transported to Houston for treatment of incapacitating, non-life threatening injuries.

One minor boy and Evans were uninjured.  Officers on the scene noticed signs of intoxication in Evans.  They arrested her for DWI with a child, a state jail felony, and four counts of intoxicated assault, 3rd degree felonies.

"If it had been her first DWI it would be misdemeanor DWI, but now you add a child in the car... because of the risk to that child, it enhances it to a state jail felony," said Sobolewski.

Sobolewski says after taking care of anyone who's been hurt in a wreck, the real work begins.

"Then you can slow down and start looking at the evidence you have - what you have. The position of the vehicle and start backing tracking - try to put pieces of the puzzle together," said Sobolewski.

Evans remains in the Angelina County Jail without bond.  Sobolewski believes the crash's outcome could have been much worse, but everyone was wearing seatbelts.

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