RoboStir: "Does it Work?"

It is one of the top requests we've ever had for a "Does it Work?' product test.

You asked for it and this week, Joe Terrell finally got his hands on one.

This week we put the RoboStir to the "Does it Work?" test.

The package boasts proudly that it automatically stirs as you cook.

"It's like having a third hand," according to the commercials.

The RoboStir kind of looks like the vehicle that landed on the moon.  A capsule base at the top with three wire legs at the bottom, each sporting silicone feet capable of withstanding more than 550 degrees.  The RoboStir takes 4 AA batteries, not included.

Push the button on the top and the RobStir comes alive, much like a vibrating back massager. But inside, is supposed to be some kind of device that gives it "orbital gyroscopic" action.  In other words, it's supposed to move in tiny circles, while "orbiting" around the circumference of the pan you place it in.

We place it in the middle of a pan containing spaghetti sauce with meat.  It is simmering on the stove.  The idea is to keep the sauce on the bottom moving so it doesn't burn or scorch.

We start on the lowest of the 3 speed settings.

It turns alright, but "it appears to be hanging out all in one spot."

So we think, maybe it's the speed.

We bumped the speed all the way up to the maximum setting and no matter what we did, it would not move around the pan.  I just kept rotating in the same spot .

So we moved it and..."It keeps coming back to the same spot. It's like a homing pigeon."

We thought it could be a leveling problem, so we leveled the pan with an actual leveler.  We tried three different pans. The RoboStir would not move from the spot we placed it in.  It just kept moving in a small circle, leaving most of the pan untouched.

"Does it Work?" We give the RoboStir, a no.

We found the RoboStir in a local grocery store for 10 dollars.