My 3D: "Does it Work?"

These days, we don't just have 3D movies, we have 3D televisions. Not to be out-done, iPhones have now gotten into the 3D game.

Our Joe Terrell shows you how to turn your iPhone into a 3D gaming machine with a pretty inexpensive add-on.

But first it has to pass the "Does it Work" test.

Good old Hasbro is the company smart enough to jump on the i-bandwagon with My 3D, promising an eye-popping 3D viewer that works on the iPhone 3 and 4 versions and the 2nd, 3rd and 4th generations of the iPod touch.

Remember the old Viewmaster? That's what this is---except your iPhone or iPod provides the images for stereoscopic 3D.

A white lid is what holds your iPhone or iPod, and there are 4 different sized lids for different versions of the iPhone or iPod.

We used the one for the iPhone 4. And, you'll have to remove any case you might have on your phone.

You'll also need to download the apps. The good news is most of the Hasbro My 3D apps are free once you activate them with a code that comes with the viewer.

The little door that holds your iPhone closes up, and has a place for  your thumbs go in to control the phone.

So, within seconds I am watching a 3D movie trailer.

Open the door to the viewer and you see what's going on here; two half-screens showing the exact same images with one slightly shifted. Using the viewer, your eyes see just one image, but the shift creates stereoscopic 3D!

The first game I played was called "Bubble Bolt."  If you've ever played "Super Monkey Ball," you get it. Shift and tilt to guide a bubble through an obstacle course.  Pretty good play, and good 3D.

At this point I'm mildly impressed with my investment.

Then I launched the game called "Sector 17."

As it turned, the 3D outer space world I'm in turns, too.

I find myself in a galactic battle; with my thumb on the fire buttons.

You do have to move a lot with this game. And, the best part is, the game moves with you.

The earlier versions of the iPhone and iPod don't have quite the screen resolution. So, the 3D effect wasn't as great---neither was the game control.

But still loads of fun.

Does it work?  You won't find a 3D gaming experience anywhere close to this for anywhere near this price---provided you have an iPhone or iPod touch already.

We give it an enthusiastic yes!

There appears to be plans for major motion pictures to be released in 3D for this contraption. Already, there are many 3D movie trailers available.

The 3D game apps range from free to $4.99 in the Apple App Store.

The My 3D device, is $35, and is only available at Target.

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