Soap Magic: "Does It Work?"

Twenty years ago, if you wanted to wash your hands, you grabbed a bar of soap.

But did you know liquid soap now outsells bar soap? That happened for the first time in 2010.

And then, it was just a matter of time before we got bored with that, and had to find a new, cool way to dispense it.

Touchless systems are in public restrooms, and now an "As Seen on TV" product is bringing touchless hand washing into your home.

This week, Joe Terrell puts the Soap Magic to the "Does it Work?" test.

Soap Magic is the electric dispenser that, according to the box, can be used with your favorite hand soap, dish soap or sanitizer gel.

It comes with 4 AAA batteries included.

A lid on top pops off and the soap or sanitizer gel pours in there.

The opening could be larger, but we manage and we discover how this thing works.

There is a sensor and a light.  Break the plane between the two and it spits out the liquid inside.

It has three settings: off, on and on with chime.

We almost immediately encountered trouble.  When you put your hand under the spout, you really need to wait until the dispenser finishes spitting out a pre-determined amount of product.  Pull your hand out early, and you're going to get a mess on the counter.  With a few uses, it could really stack up to make a big mess. If you do keep your hand there until it's finished, most people who tried it felt like it dispensed way too much product.

No difference between the sanitizer gel and liquid soap.

We like the idea, but not the execution.

You could avoid the mess by using it over the kitchen sink, so the excess goes there, but you'd still be wasting a lot of soap and gel.

It's either too much on your hands or too much on the counter with this thing.

"Does it Work?"

We give the Soap Magic a no.

The Soap Magic is $20 at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

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