Gun Safety Should Be On Owner's Minds

Thousands of people here in East Texas have guns in their homes. As too many tragic accidents have proven, guns can pose a real danger if they find their way into the hands of children. Whether you're in favor of it or not, it's common to find people who own and keep firearms in their home. But what if you have a child in the house? Herman Stroud, manager of B&D Lock and Safe says it's very important to have your guns secured, not only for yourself or for the burglars and thieves, but you should have your guns locked away from your children.

We hear about gun accidents in the home all the time. Just last week a girl in Florida was injured when her six-year-old cousin accidentally shot her with his father's gun. Accidents like this can be prevented with the proper precautions. You can also go to just about any hardware store and buy a simple trigger lock for your firearm. There are many web sites that sell bedside gun safes if you insist on keeping your gun close at hand. Gun owners in Texas are legally responsible for securing their guns and preventing children from making a potentialy-deadly mistake. There is a charge called making firearm accessible to a child. It covers having a loaded firearm where a child can get to it. The law says that a readily-accessible firearm is a loaded firearm that is not secured in a manner that a reasonable person would do to prevent a child from getting hold of it.