East Texas elementary schools given energy conserving tools for the classroom

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Science teachers measure the chemical energy level of an apple. The fruit may contain more energy than what teachers have at the end of the school year. Still, they rallied Wednesday to learn about energy resources.

Each teacher attending the absolutely free energy workshop went back to school with more than $500 of curriculum and hands-on kits.

"It's not costing us anything, which is a big deal" said Evie Wells, science teacher for Brandon Elementary. "Like she said, because of budget cuts. So if they're willing to take the time to go through it and reward us with giving us the kits, I'm all for it."

Encana and  National Energy Education Development provide the tools and instruction.

"The science of energy kit teaches our students about the forms of energy and the transformation that they can make," said Melanie Harper, instructor with NEED.

School budgets are tight. Teachers eagerly accept new and intriguing teaching aids.

"If they can see it, touch it, hear it, that makes more of an impact than just out of a text book," said Asucena Concha, a science teacher for Slack Elementary.

"It's going to spark the  interest of a student that is going to be able to come forward and produce something fabulous," Harper said.

That possibility can boost the energy level of any teacher.

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