2 Lufkin High School students create blueprints for renovations

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Redrawing a handout map for freshmen and visitors -- that's all Lufkin High School drafting student Kamuran Reyes had been asked to do, until the city got wind of the plans.

"At first, I was like, it will be okay. It's not a big deal, just doing the high school plans, nothing major," Reyes said.

Within 10 minutes, Reyes enlisted the help of his friend, Pablo Solis.

After the fire department asked them to include specific details in the revised High school blueprints, they began walking the halls, taking note of every room.

"Fire hydrants, gas valves, water valves, we went into some maintenance closets, we looked for some defibrillators," Solis said.

For five months, the students spent several hours poring over the computers, trying to redraw the set of plans. For example, they can tell you that in Rm. E211, there's no fire extinguisher, but there is one just down the hall.

"Every speck of information that we could possibly imagine or want to collect in planning for a fire event or a disaster scenario, it's just a wealth of information," said Lufkin Fire Chief Danny Kistner.

Dealing with blueprints as far back as the '40s, they literally ran into a few walls.

"On the old set of school plans, it showed a classroom. But now it's actually two classrooms, so we had to make up a wall," Solis said.

Kistner says the new master plan will cut down on their response time, saving lives.

"It's very professional and I think it's so encouraging to see that young people are so committed to their community," Kistner said.

"I don't hold them down any more because they will outdo what most people can every expect," said Robert Foley, Lufkin High School drafting teacher.

"It made me feel glad that they appreciate the hard work we did," Reyes said.

"It makes me feel good. I'm helping out my community. The cops, fire department, can come and help like that quick," Solis said.

At 16 and 17 years old Reyes and Solis both plan to be architects.

They're starting by giving first responders the blueprints to rescue their classmates.

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