Nacogdoches hospital agrees to consolidated dispatch system

Communication is key in any emergency, especially in severe weather.

The Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital Board is agreeing to consider joining a consolidated dispatch service with the city and county.

The decision came Tuesday night, but the board still has a lot of questions.

The proposal is to put all the entities under one roof and on the same communication system.

One board member questions if all dispatchers would know what Memorial's dispatchers know.

"Our dispatchers are EMT's and a lot of them have been on that ambulance and they know what they're doing and that's been our biggest concern was that, are they going to be able to have that instant notification," said NMH board member Lisa King.

"Our ER doctors are standing there, listening, being involved in the case that's going on. Will we lose moments? Will we lose time, as this change?"

King says board members were told all dispatchers will receive medical training.

She welcomes the future discussion.

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