Texas swine now free of Brucellosis bacteria

Texas is now swine brucellosis free.

If you don't raise hogs, you might think that doesn't pertain to you, but it does.

Interstate marketing restrictions, which can run up the cost of pork, have been lifted for Texas swine.

Brucellosis swine is caused by a bacteria. It affects the reproduction in swine.

Brucellosis can also affect humans, causing a recurrent fever and painful joints.

A brucellosis free status is good for the industry and the consumer.

"That makes our food safer for the consumer, which it was safe before, but this is just another step that the consumer knows that food in the US and Texas is safe," said Dr. Erin Brown, SFA Agriculture professor and the Swine Center director.

Texas was the last state to be officially declared free of the disease by the USDA.

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