Huntington principal inspires students from the roof of school

HUNTINGTON, TX (KTRE) - It was a wager worth losing for Huntington Elementary School Principal Melanie Stubblefield.

Stubblefield was stuck on the roof of the elementary school for 30 minutes after losing a bet, or keeping a promise, depending on your viewpoint, with kindergarten students.

She had promised every kindergarten student who made 1,000 words in the kindergarten Sequoyah Open Book computer lan, she would sit on the roof for them.  The top students were Eric Cavanaugh in Kathy Thorton's class.  Eric had 1401 words.  Staci Johnson in Kay Bowers' class had 1300 words.

Using a megaphone, Stubblefield praised all of the young students for their hard work.

One student yelled, 'How'd you get up there?'  Stubblefield answered, "With the help of a big ladder."  By the way, her husband, held the ladder as she made her way to the top.  Once there, she waved and welcomed all of the students as they arrived to school.

Then, as each kindergarten class got their audience with the principal, she called out their accomplishments and tossed colorful balls to the winners before they hurried back to their kindergarten graduation practices.

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