The right hairstyle can make you look years younger

By Catherine Bosley

A lot of women want to look younger, plain and simple. And while some women resort to plastic surgery to do it, you may not have to.

You can knock 10 years off with just the right hair style!

Stylist Larry Walker at the Scott Fisher Salon knows exactly what does the trick. Using a recent online magazine article, he breaks it down: First, free the hair from the product!

"Not so slicked back and not so harsh," he said,"having volume and softness really adds youth."

Walker also states that extreme coloring is a mistake.

"When you get into a softer color as you get older, its going to diminish any wrinkles or imperfections."

And finally, the side sweep. Walker says it screams fun, which also means younger.

Part of the reason people end up with hairstyles that steal their youth is because they get so comfortable with a certain look that was in when they were young. And not so much anymore.

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