'Ready or Not' outreach tour prepares East Texas for emergencies

EAST TEXAS (KTRE) - The state's 'Ready or Not' outreach tour has a three step plan for emergency preparedness. It begins with family needs.

"If you don't have a plan then that's when chaos happens,"said Kim Pham, 'Ready or Not' outreach specialist.

Start with giving each family member a specific job. For instance, assign someone to pick up and take care of the children. Assign someone to the pets. Establish a line of duty. And have a meeting place in case of separation.@@

Information is the second element.

The outreach tour carries along a copy machine to duplicate important papers for visitors.

"We want people to have copies of their ID, medical prescriptions, bank statements," said Aaron Glover, another outreach specialist.

Along the same lines, the state offers 'immtrak', a statewide immunization registry for children and adults.

Essentials round out an emergency plan.

"And the basic is to have at least 3 days supply of food and water per person. We have to emphasize it's per person and not just 3 days of water," said Pham.

All good information. Hudson fire department volunteers just wish more people were there to receive it.

"There needs to be more people out here being ready and it makes what we have to do easier," said Cathy Clark, an employee of the Hudson Fire Department.

The Ready or Not tour is visiting 19 cities as part of the state health services' mission to keep people safe.

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