Angelina Co. game wardens caution boat operators

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - If your weekend takes you on the water, your first consideration should be safety.

Game wardens says their first priority will be intoxicated boat operators this weekend.

The same rules apply as drunk driving. The limit is .08 percent blood alcohol level.

They'll also be checking boats for the right number and sizes of life vests for those on board. Plus, lights for after-dark boating.

"Any boat that's on the water is subject under Chapter 31 of the Parks and Wildlife code of being stopped and having their safety equipment inspected," said James Barge, Angelina County Game Warden.

Another thing to consider is the super low lake levels.

The game warden tells us they've already seen several boats sink after getting holes from stumps.

He advises going at an idle speed in unfamiliar areas where you can't tell how shallow the water is.

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