Pranksters cause hundreds in damage at Hemphill High

Glenn Pearson
Glenn Pearson

HEMPHILL, TX (KTRE) - A big disappointment for Hemphill ISD Superintendent Glenn Pearson is seeing the high school in shambles.

"The class will be remembered for this," Pearson said. "A majority of the students do not want to be remembered in that way. All seniors want to make a statement, leave some kind of legacy. This one was carried a little bit too far."

In the past, crickets were released into the school. Another year it was chicks.

"Pretty minor things," Pearson said.

This year, police were called. Not to investigate a prank, but vandalism.

"We figure it will be $800 or $900 to clean it up," Pearson said. "Materials and labor."

Eggs and shaving cream covering the doors and walls were discovered by the night watchman just hours before the last day of school began.

Sometime before 3 a.m. Friday, the hallways were hit. On the ceiling, baby food was splattered.  Down the wall, baby powder residue is caked on.

The vandals were able to get into the school's trophy case where they grabbed trophies and awards and threw them on the ground, breaking them to pieces.

Administrators say the worst part has to be the high school floor.

"It took us four or five hours to get all the baby oil off the floor," Pearson said. "We finally found vinegar would get it off."

The floors were so slick that administrators had to shut down the school. Instead, about 200 high school students had to come to the high school gym to take their final exams on the last day.

Police are pointing the finger at nine culprits. The majority being Hemphill seniors.

"Once they were identified they were kept from marching," Pearson said. "They'll receive their diplomas this week."

Pearson hopes it will send a message to the Class of 2012.

Hemphill Police Chief Roger McBride said the group was able to enter the high school with a master key.

The school district does not have a video surveillance system, but Pearson says they plan to add more night watchmen next year.

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