Angelina County website now featuring judicial records

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Angelina County is introducing a new way for you to get the information you need with a click of a mouse.

A searchable index of public records is now available online, saving you from standing in line at the courthouse.

By heading to the Angelina County homepage, you can now use what's called the "angelina county judicial web search."

The website contains all of the district and county clerk records.

Thanks to the new operating system, the Angelina County website now features comprehensive reports on judicial, jail and sheriff's office records.

"You can search for a person's name and find out if they have a criminal record or a civil case against them or a probate case or a jail record," said Jo Ann Chastain, Angelina County Clerk.

County records available online go back years and years.

The county clerk says they will be updated regularly by the I.T department once data is entered in the system.

Web browsers can view court calendar records for defendants for all county courts. They can also look up jail inmate records, which are updated as they are booked in the jail, with information such as charges, warrant numbers and bond amounts.

The website also shows incidents which the sheriff's office responds to, including time and addresses.

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