Restaurant Report - Nacogdoches- 6/2/2011 - | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas

Restaurant Report - Nacogdoches- 6/2/2011

Panda Cafe @ 1224 North Street: 14 demerits for dented can, uncovered foods,leftovers kept too long,items in hand wash sink,no paper towels at sinks
La Carretta @ 3000 North Street:10 demerits for dented can,food in hand wash sink,no raw oyster consumer advisory
Posado's Cafe @ 1315 North Street: 7 demerits for uncovered employee drinks, recalibrate thermometer
Chicken Express @ 1102 Southeast Stalling's Drive: 9 demerits for items in hand wash sink,no soap & towels at sinks,unlabeled bottles with toxics

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