Nacogdoches residents turn to local club for swimming opportunities

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - For the first time in a very long time, Nacogdoches has no city swimming pool.

Expensive repairs and a dropping attendance led to the city's decision to close it down.

If you go to Maroney Park this summer looking for a public pool, you'll find a pile of dirt instead.

"I have lots of memories of the city pool, so it would be fun to share that with my children," said Shanning Richardson, a Nacogdoches resident.

New memories will be made at the Nacogdoches Boys and Girls Club.

The City of Nacogdoches is paying the Boys and Girls Club $35,000 a year to subsidize the club for extra customers.

The club started getting slammed as early as April with people wanting to sign their kids up for swim lessons.

"The numbers did increase incredibly," said Erik Cozadd, Aquatics Director for the club.

This caused a juggling act for scheduling a wide variety of aquatic activities.

There are three two-hour slots available during the week for the general public. The cost is $5 a day, or a $50 dollar punch card. Instead of spending all day Saturday at the public pool, it's two hours.

"It was a great option. He needed swimming lessons and it was very affordable," said Kimberly Land, a parent and club member.

Other options are the Court Club or, if you qualify, the SFA Recreation Center. Both require memberships. For some parents, this is too expensive.

Don't give up on the city yet. It plans to make another big splash in an attempt to raise 5 million dollars for an aquatic park.

"You want to hang out in the lazy river. You want to go swim laps. You want your children with a zero entry, as well as a handicap, the elderly. It's going to be something for everybody,"  said Jim Jeffers, City Manager.

But for now a city operated spray park on Martin Luther King Drive will keep their kids cool.

The Nacogdoches Boys and Girls Club reminds everyone that it's open all year long, so you don't have to start and stop swim lessons just in the summer.

They provide them all-year-long.

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