UPDATE: Owners search for 11ft Albino Python on the loose

By Tayleigh Davis - bio | email

SOUTH GEORGIA - (RNN) - It's been an unnerving day in a Tifton neighborhood where an 11-foot Burmese Albino Python went missing.

After searching for several hours, authorities determined the snake was probably stolen. The owners wonder whether their pet may still be wandering the neighborhood.

Owners, Hope and Dennis Skinner, searched for their two year old pet all afternoon. Animal Control even called for Code Red to keep neighbors on alert.

 Hope Skinner said Tiny was in her cage around 10:00 a.m. When she came back out to the pen around noon, she noticed the door was open and the block that holds it shut was not there. A nail which keep the door shut was pushed up.

"I said it's got to be gone, so I looked for tracks and stuff like that," said Hope Skinner.

No signs of the snake in the dirt. Tift County/Tifton Animal Control Director Regina Wells came out to the home around 12:30, along with Tifton Police, the game warden and code enforcement.

"when I got there, the officer said it's loose, so I went to the pin where it was and we just searched all over the place," said Wells.

They rummaged through the woods and under debris around the block surrounding Wilson Lane. Police called off the search around 2:30 p.m. Skinner says Tiny hasn't eaten in three weeks and may be hungry. She advises neighbors to keep their small pets inside.

The owners are offering a $100 reward for anyone who can help find their snake. Tiny is worth anywhere between $600-$800.

Word came Saturday afternoon that the owners had found the snake near their house.

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