River Rescue: Dad’s canoe ride with daughter turns dangerous

NACOGDOCHES CO., TX (KTRE) – A father and his 6 year old daughter set out on what he thought would be a relaxing canoe ride down the Angelina River Friday afternoon only to be rescued from the River hours later.

The two were attempting to canoe from the Old Goodman Bridge on the Angelina River near Douglass to where the River crosses at Highway 7. They never made it. The wife was supposed to meet them on the bridge on Highway 7 to pick them up, according to Nacogdoches County Sheriff Thomas Kerss.

"He called her to say he thought they were getting close and they never showed up," said Kerss.

Sheriff Kerss said darkness then set in and the wife called the sheriff's department. A search got underway.

Deputies and a game warden located the duo floating in the water with their life jackets on. "The canoe had overturned and sank," said Kerss. "They lost everything. The banks were too high for them to get out on their own." So, they waited, hoping help would come soon.

It could have been fatal because they were still a ways from the bridge, according to Kerss. He said it took a while for rescuers to reach them and when they finally pulled them from the river on foot they were closer to Highway 7 than they were to Goodman Bridge, but still several miles from their destination.

Other than being shaken, they appeared to be OK, Sheriff Kerss added.  The names of the family were not immediately available.

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