Lufkin swim team prepare to make a big splash for the summer

Lufkin Sharks team members begin a weekly practice
Lufkin Sharks team members begin a weekly practice

The sharks are already in the water and ready to take on their first meet.

Lufkin's competitive youth swim team, the Lufkin Sharks, are practicing for their first swim meet this weekend.

These kids are happy to be active and compete this summer with their friends.

"When you're here, you get to be around people and you're not just sitting on the couch doing nothing. You're actually working," said Hannah Foint, member of the Lufkin Sharks team.

"The kids, they're learning so much. They're getting friends out of this. We've had kids who've been here just as long as I have, and I've gotten to see them grow and get better at swimming. It's really important to a lot of them," said Kyli Limneman, coach for the swim team.

Some kids say half of the fun is practicing with teammates.

"It feels really good because after you workout, it's just like you get this good feeling that you've accomplished something," said Holly Ratcliff, another member of the Lufkin Sharks.

"Well, it's fun being here with the team. the coaches are great and I'm looking forward to breaking my times," said Caleb Potts, member of the swim team.

They also feel their coaches are a large factor in their success.

"They're really helpful because when you're swimming, they'll tell you what you're doing wrong and how you can fix it and stuff. And, they give you good work-out sets," Foint said.

"All of our coaches are really great. They help us to get faster to try to be the best we can be," Ratcliff said.

With strength and endurance as heavy components in the workout, coaches Are making sure each shark is prepared for the challenges ahead of them.

"Our first timers are nervous. Our older kids and the kids, who've been doing this 3 or 4 years are like, 'time trials, I've been there, done that, so'. But, I think we're ready actually," said Limneman.

Coaches say this Saturday's meet will give a lot of first timers a chance to experience what future meets will be like.

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