Pentecostals praising Perry for prayer, not politics

David Hunt, pastor of Eastview Pentecostal, praises Perry.
David Hunt, pastor of Eastview Pentecostal, praises Perry.
Dovey Ensey, a pastor's wife, supports Perry's platform.
Dovey Ensey, a pastor's wife, supports Perry's platform.

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - It seems more politicians value the power of prayer rather than the power of political jargon.

Hundreds of Pentecostal families have descended to the Texas Bible College campus for the next five days for the Texas district's annual camp meeting.

Power and influence is inherent to the state's highest political office.

Governor Rick Perry is using his status not just to push public policy, but to promote his faith.

"I commend him for his courage and it's a move in the right direction," said David Hunt, pastor of Eastview Pentecostal.

Hunt praises Perry for his recent declaration that August 6th will be a day of prayer and fasting to seek God's guidance for facing the nation's challenges.

Hunt is one of thousands of Pentecostals spending time on the college's campus for the annual meeting.

"What Perry is doing is what we have been praying for. God gives us leaders that will not be afraid to make decisions based on your teachings and your principles," Hunt said.

Pentecostals say that government officials and politicians can learn a lot from their camp meetings because of the power and the energy and support that gets stirred up through God.

"It is such a strong stand to say that we still are a nation that believe if we pray to God that he will move and answer," said Dovey Ensey, a pastor's wife.

Ensey says taking a stand for God will probably be met with opposition, but it's still the right move if we want the right answers.

"Anytime that we put God first and call on him - especially in a government position - it is a definitely move in the right direction because the Lord tells us if we ask -- he'll answer," Ensey said.

Center pastor Stephen Harris believes public officials embracing Christian principles goes back to our country's founding ideology: One Nation Under God.

"Biblically, the Bible talks about a nation who's God is the Lord is a blessed nation," said Harris.

Worshipers at the camp meeting will be praying that more politicians take Perry's lead.

The Texas District Camp coordinator wanted to make sure the public understands that all are welcome to attend the meetings festivities through Friday night.

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