Texas Blueberry Festival returns to Nacogdoches for its 22nd year

The 22nd annual Texas Blueberry Festival will take place in Nacogdoches on Saturday.
The 22nd annual Texas Blueberry Festival will take place in Nacogdoches on Saturday.

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Final preparations are underway for the Texas Blueberry Festival-- an economic boom for Nacogdoches.

The Texas Blueberry Festival is only one day, but for volunteers it has required months of preparation. There are so many events a schedule is a must have.

"It's something you'll probably want to keep in your pocket so you know where to go and when to get there," said Francis Spruiell, Chamber Chair.

A couple of new additions are direct suggestions of festival goers. For instance, there's a 5K run this year.

"Ya'll kept asking for it. We're giving it to you," said Teresa Darby, festival planner.

For the 100 plus vendors, there will be block captains to help them set up and tear down. Vendors want to be ready for the more than 19,000 customers expected to this year's festival.

"This is going to be the first year that we're keeping track of their sales tax, so our county and our city should be seeing some sales tax receipts from the Blueberry Festival," said Darby.

The Texas Blueberry Festival is clearly putting Nacogdoches on the map.

"Half of the people that attend this festival come from 100 miles or more," said Bruce Partain, Nacogdoches Chamber President.

Pick-your-own blueberry farms are ready for their bushes to be picked clean. Or you can skip the fun labor and buy direct from Mill Creek Farms, a commercial grower sporting a new label.

"They're going to bring every thing they possibly can, so any where from 18,000  to20,000 pounds, probably," said Polly Sunda, Mill Creek Farm spokesperson.

A successful season gives Texas Blueberry Festival promoters something to sing about.

"High in flavor and low in fat. No cholesterol or none of that. So ya'll come on and stuff your face, for we've got blueberries all over the place. Here at the Texas Blueberry Festival. Where's that? That's in Nacogdoches, Texas," sings Shelby Bond, aka Cowboy Max.

You can expect  more activities, competitions, entertainment, food and crafts at the festival.

To look at the Texas Blueberry Festival events, check out the Big Red Box on the website.

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