Center pastor helps feed needy families

Food is distributed to needy families.
Food is distributed to needy families.
Pastor Martin and other volunteers commit their time in serving the needy families.
Pastor Martin and other volunteers commit their time in serving the needy families.

CENTER, TX (KTRE) - There are many churches across East Texas serving the less fortunate.

Some select the distribution of free food as a mission.

Each month, pastor Bishop Martin looks forward to helping others on food bank day.

The East Texas Food Bank in Tyler provides the food.

This time of year there's lots of fresh produce.

Shelby County volunteers distribute the bounty to hundreds. Questions of need are never asked, but everyone knows the rising cost of groceries is certainly a hardship.

"We buy what we can, but it takes all our money to pay doctor bills and stuff," said Danny Rash, a recipient of the distributed food.

"Ten new applicants today," said Rochelle Walker, a volunteer.

It's difficult knowing who is blessed the most, the volunteers or the recipients.

"I love helping, fixing the needy. Somebody got to do it, so why not me," replied Jeneva Curtis, another volunteer.

"I think it's wonderful and he's doing a good job and the Lord is blessing him," said Hattie McClelland of pastor Martin.

Reverend Martin has been praised highly for convincing his congregation to adopt children. So far about 75 children are in loving homes. The national attention led to the free construction of the outreach center used today. A network television show built it for the church. Martin continues to encourage support, so more good work can be accomplished.

"We need a whole lot more support to keep these doors open. To keep everything going," said Martin.

"It's something that should be done all over," said volunteer Leon Jenkins.

"It puts joy in my heart to know that I can feed somebody, to help feed somebody," said Curtis.

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