Center man brings in pros for kid football camp

East Texas boys are learning early on, to get their heads in the game. The 20th annual Preston Football Camp takes place at Center High School today. The one-day camp focuses on all the basic fundamentals of football.

This event brings in pro-football and college players to help coach and inspire these young men.

"You know, you can do it, encouragement because you know it all starts from the self confidence," said Michael Montgomery, a former Green Bay Packers player. "And, I'm here to tell these kids they can be whatever they want to be and I'm living proof of it".

"And that's what it's really about..encouragement and give them a heads up...a start," said Dwight Preston, the camp director. "Whether they're in pee wee football, middle school football, or if they're playing high school or even college football".

The camp is always free, as Preston wants to give boys the opportunity to come play ball and receive positive guidance.

He started the camp 20 years ago when he didn't want youngsters to experience the financial difficulty in attending camps like he had as a youngster.

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