Nacogdoches County crime spree investigated

(From constable press release) A crime spree has come to an end for a 16 year old juvenile who was arrested by the Nacogdoches County Constable Office Precinct 4 on Thursday June 09, 2011. Constable Bridges stated that his office investigated three burglaries and one attempted burglary during the Memorial Day Holiday weekend in Etoile, Texas.

Constable Bridges stated that two four wheelers were stolen, along with some cash from a business that was broken into. There was also an attempted burglary into the school where the actor broke a screen and attempted to open the window.

Constable Bridges advised that during the investigation he identified a juvenile suspect from another county, and was able to link him to the burglaries that occurred during the holiday weekend. Constable Bridges advised that both four wheelers have been recovered and returned to the owners. The juvenile was taken into custody and charged with the burglaries offenses and transported to the juvenile detention center.

The Constable office has made another arrest in a recent theft ring investigation that our office has been investigating. The constable office has identified and charged a male subject from Garrison Texas with Engaging in Organized Crime. The Constable Office was able to link,  Jeffery Collins in with a theft ring that the constable office has been investigating. The Constable Office had recently arrested 12 defendants and cleared 15 burglaries and thefts that had been committed in the Etoile, Woden, Melrose and Shady Grove area over the course of the last four to six months.

Constable Bridges stated that Collins was involved with two other subjects during the theft of cooper that occurred at a drilling rig site on Cr. 311. Over $60,000.00 dollars worth of damage was done at the oil rig site do to the thefts. Constable Bridges stated that this is still an ongoing investigation and other subjects are being investigated. A total of 13 defendants have now been charged with the theft ring investigation and Bridges believes there may be more to come. Bridges stated that his office has received some new tips and leads on more people that may have been involved with this theft ring and we are currently investigating that information.

A warrant was obtained for Jeffery Collins arrest on Friday June 10, 2011 and he was arrested on Saturday morning on June 11, 2011 and transported to the Nacogdoches County jail on Engaging in Organized Crime a felony 2nd degree.