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DA: Man In Baseline Killer Case Had Hunger To Rape 6-06-2011

Elizabeth Erwin Reporter, KPHO CBS 5 News
Phoenix Opening statements wrapped up Monday afternoon in the trial of a man accused of killing nine people and committing dozens of other crimes, including rape and child molestation, in the Baseline Killer case in Phoenix.
Maricopa County prosecutor Suzanne Cohen told the jury that defendant Mark Goudeau was driven by a hunger to rape, and the victims who didn't cooperate were shot point-blank in the head.

"The one predator who hunted our streets for almost a year. His identity will be proven by the testimony and evidence in this courtroom," Cohen said.
Goudeau has pleaded not guilty.
Defense attorney Randall Craig addressed the jury next. Craig said the evidence does not point to Goudeau, but rather someone else.
"You know, out of the 16 separate and distinct crime scenes that we are all going to be interested in, you are not going to see any evidence that corroborates or legitimizes the DNA evidence in this case. You're not going to see any fingerprints, any footprints, any trace evidence like hair fibers, anything like that that shows Mr. Goudeau had anything to do with these crimes," Craig said.
Testimony began Monday afternoon, with the first witness taking the stand. The victim testified she was sexually assaulted by Goudeau when she was 13-years-old.
46-year-old Goudeau sat quietly in the courtroom in a suit and tie, listening closely as the 74 charges were read and opening statements began.
The former construction worker already is serving a 438-year prison sentence.
In 2007, he was convicted of 19 counts in a brutal 2005 attack after police say he raped a woman while pointing a gun at her sister's belly.
The killings started in August 2005 and ended with the murder of Carmen Miranda, of Phoenix, as she washed her car on June 29, 2006.

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