Disaster Declaration: No fireworks in Tyler County

TYLER CO., TX (KTRE) - Tyler County authorities have issued a disaster declaration that prohibits the sale or use of all fireworks in Tyler County.

In a written statement, Jacques L. Blanchette, County Judge, said "acknowledging the certification by Rick Perry, Governor of Texas, and as determined by the Forest Service that drought conditions in the county greatly enhance the danger of fire, today issued a Declaration of Disaster which prohibits the sale or use of all fireworks within Tyler County."

Judge Blanchette went on to state, "It is always in the best interest of all the citizens of the county that due diligence is expended to insure that life and property are protected."

"Recognizing that the extreme conditions have caused numerous fires in the county which have taxed the available resources, including manpower, equipment and funds, the added danger posed by fireworks would increase this burden," Blanchette stated.

The declaration goes into effect immediately and Blanchette said a request of the governor to extend this disaster for an additional thirty days will be made.

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