Tennis camp hits the sweet spot for campers

Campers learn basic techniques at tennis camp.
Campers learn basic techniques at tennis camp.

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Seth Grant is improving his tennis game to gear up for the  3rd annual Crown Colony Tennis Camp

Joining him, are kids from around Texas.

They come to enjoy the sport and to play other campers.

"It's fun. I like doing it. I like being around them. It's just fun and it just makes the sport better," Grant said.

It's not only the love of the sport, but also the coaching that brings some back each year.

"You can play it your whole life, and you can teach," said Ashton Lucas, first time tennis camper, "it's not that hard to learn, you just got to practice and practice and you'll get better".

For the last six years, Crumpton has helped campers learn the basics.

"To just watch the look in their eyes when they just hit a ball, or to talk about even wanting to be a ranked player or their aspirations to play on TV someday is priceless," said Crumpton, Crown Colony Country Club director.

"She's a real good coach. She's been around tennis a long time too. I trust everything she says," said Grant.

This camp is only open to students ages 10 to 18.

Others use volunteering as instructors as a means to come back.

"Karen asked me to come help with the camp, so that meant a lot because she thought I was a good player, and I could bring stuff to the table for the camp and all the kids," said Chris Breaux, a tennis camp instructor.

Crumpton says she's excited to see increasing popularity with the sport.

"Anywhere you go in the city, you'll see someone on a tennis court, and that was not the case necessarily when I was here seven years ago," she said.

Aside from the fun, Tennis is also great for your health, which is one of the reasons campers like Seth Grant keep returning.

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