Trevat community residents take on fire to save homes

James Hannah
James Hannah
Bobby Conner
Bobby Conner
Jeff Hannah
Jeff Hannah

TRINITY COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Bobby Conner is part of a tiny Trinity County community called Trevat. He and his neighbors have been in the line of fire since Saturday.

"We're not going to take credit for putting the fire out in the woods," Conner said. "We saved our own homes."

"It's been very stressin' on my and my family," Jeff Hannah said.

"Myself and few of my neighbors we haven't been watching anything," Conner said. "We've been on tractors doing firebreaks. Hold the fire away from the pastureland trying to save our homes and our structures."

Down FM 2262 from the Conners, the Hannahs have become an unstoppable father-son team.

When they saw the wildfire heading toward them, they didn't wait for state or local fire crews.

"There's so much of it and they can't do everything," James Hanna said. "People have to do for themselves."

The Hannahs spent day and night the past two days doing whatever they could to save their home and business.

A mere stone's throw from the house and inches from their equipment shop, the fire roared at their doorstep Saturday.

They refused to leave even after deputies ordered them to evacuate.

"I told him I wasn't leaving," James Hannah said. "I'd have lost everything if I had left. He said I'll be back after your dead body."

Instead, father and son had to save their shop since the firefighters' priority was the house.

"When I seen they weren't putting the shop out we come through with our fire truck and we put out what we could," Jeff Hannah said.

Only losing three sheds, thanks to their brave efforts in their homemade fire truck.

"It was hard," Jeff Hannah said. "The hardest I've ever worked I believe."

The Conners say the small community can handle anything.

"The two hurricanes taught us how to survive," Conner said. "Myself and my community can survive down here without help."

They've learned how to survive, but the Hannahs believe this is worse.

"This was the most traumatic thing we've been through down here," Jeff Hannah said. "I thought the hurricanes was bad. But that was nothing. This is different, this is devastation."

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