Fire sweeps through Lufkin mobile home leaving couple devastated

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – "I was helping a neighbor move in close by when I looked up and saw the fire.  I thought it was coming from the other side of the road."  It was not.

The fire was actually coming from the mobile home that James Attaway and his girlfriend had just moved into a month earlier.  "I walked down the road to take a closer look and realized it was my trailer and I started yelling for help," said Attaway.

Someone finally heard his cry for help and called 9-1-1.

When firemen arrived, the fire was fully engulfed in flames.  Investigators said it was a total loss.  "It's devastating.  We lost everything, clothes, furniture, my wallet was even in there, everything," said Attaway.

The only thing that might be saved are the two bicycles that Attaway and his girlfriend use as transportation.  The bikes were parked in the yard outside trailer "W" at 705 Ricks Road.

An investigation is underway.  Preliminary results indicate a propane gas valve might have been left open or improperly connected and the leak might have set off the fire.

Anyone interested in helping, can drop off donations at trailer "N" on 705 Ricks Road.

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