Crockett art camp teaches creativity

Executive Director Bryan Lake
Executive Director Bryan Lake
Guest Artist Joe Haden
Guest Artist Joe Haden

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) - The Piney Woods Fine Arts Association is hosting their annual summer art workshop.

"We have sculpting and drawing and watercolor," said Executive Director Bryan Lake.

Since beginning over 20 years ago, artists feel this time is necessary for youth development.

"It teaches kids how to think, how to think creatively, how to solve their problems without violence, and how to take their time to create a solution," said Lake.

The camp's founder, Jim Jeffries, felt the need to center the camp on the visual arts. Campers enjoy this hands-on learning.

"It had to do with painting a lot, and I like painting and sculpting with clay. That's what I like to do mostly," said second-time camper Ryan McLeod.

"I wanted to make it unique in my own way. So, that's what I did to kind of make it special, mine," said first time camper Mahaghony Dearman.

"It's always fun to watch them grow from year to year. Some come back time after time," said the sculpting teacher, Trace Gunthrie.

The camp also brings in special guests to help instruct the kids. This year's guest brought a unique sculpture of his own.

"It's excellent! Everybody smiles. Everybody's your friend. Basically people smile, they laugh. They don't know what to think. Their mouths drop to the ground, and it's fun," said a guest artist, Joe Haden.

Joe Haden has made sure this car is just as ornate on the inside as it is on the outside.

"It's totally legal. It's got inspection and tags and everything. It just doesn't look like it," said Haden.

Camp leaders say the car shows their kids that there are no limits when it comes to creativity.

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