Polk Co. resident says fire narrowly missed home

TRINITY COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Seeing flames consume her family property from the front door, Cynthia Templeton says she's never been so scared.

"I've had a home destroyed by a tornado," Templeton said. "I've lived through two hurricanes, but there's rubble to go through after that and the idea that that fire was as large as it was, as hot as it was and as fast as it was moving. I know that if it ever reached the house, we'd have nothing and that is a feeling that you can't describe. When we finally had to drive out of the driveway, the hardest part was when I told a friend of mine from Livingston that was on the fire team to just don't let the cabin burn. It would be like losing my grandparents all over again and it was scary."

The home was her grandparents. The cabin was built by her grandfather and his brothers.

For more than 50 years, the Carmona property has been in her family.

The 20,000-acre wildfire was stopped just feet from her home, burning two cabins on their hunting lease.

"A hundred thank yous couldn't say how you feel about them, not in a million years," she said.

Crews say their main concern is pine needles falling from dead trees hitting stumps, creating new hot spots.

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