Sniper Trial Resumes Today

Prosecutors still have the floor when the second week of testimony in the sniper trial begins today in Virginia. John Allen Muhammad is being tried on two capital murder charges.

One is for the murder of Dean Meyers at a Virginia gasoline station. The other charge alleges multiple murders over a three-year period, which means prosecutors must prove Muhammad committed at least one more murder.

That means jurors are hearing from survivors of other shootings and relatives of other people killed in the sniper attacks. Defense lawyers have objected that such testimony is irrelevant and inflammatory.

Prosecutors had expected to take two weeks to present evidence and witnesses in 16 different shootings, but they made it through only a third of the cases last week.

Friday's prosecution witnesses talked about shootings in Montgomery, Alabama, and Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Friday also saw a return to normal proceedings. The trial was canceled Thursday after the courthouse lost power.

Wednesday, Muhammad ended his stint as his own lawyer and agreed to be represented by his attorneys.

A witness testified today that she saw Muhammad's fellow suspect Lee Malvo at the scene of a killing in Louisiana. The witness says she saw Malvo standing over the body of a woman who was shot in September 2002 outside a beauty store she managed.

The witness says she also later recognized Malvo when she saw his picture after his and Muhammad's arrest in the Washington-area sniper attacks.

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