DNA testing being used to crack down on doggie poop violators

There is a new movement among some apartment complexes using DNA testing on dog feces to find out who is not cleaning up after their pets.

The way it works it the apartment managers require their residents to submit samples from their dogs so DNA profiles can be put on file.

That way, when a violation occurs, they have samples to compare it to in order to bust the perpetrator.

They use commercially available DNA sampling kits to check the poop.

The company provides a feces collection kit.  A small amount is put in a solution and mailed back to the lab.  DNA is extracted from the feces.  The lab then checks to see if it matches any of the profiles listed for the apartment.  If a match is found, the owner is cited and has to pay the cost of the DNA testing, which is about $50.

Some 20 apartment complexes in the country have gone to the new measure in an effort to crackdown on the growing problem of pet owners who are not responsible enough to clean up after their pooch.

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