Ban on drop-side cribs creates financial pressure for East Texans

Judy May
Judy May
Tammy Holder
Tammy Holder

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The popular drop-side cribs have been outlawed by the consumer product and safety commission. This creates financial worries for daycares and parents looking for good cribs.

"Evidently there's been quite a few injuries and deaths of children with this particular drop-side crib," says Judy May, operations director of the Family Crisis Center of East Texas.

The decision goes beyond just a ban on the sale of new ones, but also the sale of used.

"We do get donations of baby furniture, cribs," says May

Community donations are sold at the Family Crisis Center thrift store. The proceeds then go back to the center.

"Right now with the way this issue won't we any cribs, we can't accept them. We just can't take the liability of putting one of the floor," says May.

The decision also bans these types of cribs from being sold at garage sales.

The process of finding a safe, but used crib could become more challenging for parents who just can't afford something brand new.

"Young couples will basically just have to save up and get a new crib," says May.

The law affects daycares too.

The new law allows child care centers and hotels a year from now to replace all of their drop-sides with new ones that have four fixed sides.

"It's going to be very costly to do that," says Tammy Holder, director of Kovenant Kids Daycare.

The Kovenant Kids Daycare director has 10 cribs in her infant room.

"In fact, we've talked about doing away with our infant room altogether just because it's going to be so expensive," says Holder.

Staggering the purchase of all ten cribs is out of the question.

"The way our cribs are arranged they're stacked cribs. I can't just do away with a couple of them. I'd have to do away with all eight of them," says Holder.

If Holder can't afford new cribs she would have to close the infant class or raise rates.

"With the economy the way it is I hope I don't have to do that," says Holder.

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