Texting in the movie theater

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Movie theater patrons are speaking out about others texting during their feature presentation.

"That's kind of annoying", said movie watcher, Agustin Cruz.

"It's inappropriate", said movie watcher, Cody Craig.

"I mean it can be a little inconsiderate, but, on the other hand, emergencies happen and all. So, you got to have your phone at all times because you never know what can happen", said movie watcher, Joseph Dixon.

Although it's a distraction for others, some theater patrons are having a hard time turning those cell phones off.

"You try to feel that people go in there for a movie, you know. And, that's really what they want to experience", said Cruz.

In a technology driven generation, people find it hard to part with their phone for even the two hours a movie may last. Some say their phones are on standby for emergencies.

"If it's for someone really important, like a girlfriend or my mom or something, yea I'm going to text back. If it's on vibrate, no one will really know", said Dixon.

Others argue that if you change where you sit in the theater, it's less distracting.

"If you sit in the back, no one knows", said Dixon.

"If they're in front of you or beside you, it's kind of annoying sometimes. But, other than that, it really doesn't. It's really no big deal, as long as they turn it right off", said Cruz.

Theater officials say because of the bright light in cell phone screens, others are distracted from watching the movie.

"I get pretty mad. I get aggravated", said Craig.

This is why theaters recommend turning all phones off.

"I personally like to turn off my cell phone", said Dixon.

With great movies like Transformers 3 in theaters, guests want to get the most out of their experience.