Nacogdoches soccer camp brings pros in from Britain

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - "I just like to play soccer", said first time camper, Caylee Castella.

Kids are coming out to the annual summer Challenger Soccer Camp. But, this one is different from the others because they bring the pros in from overseas.

"It's absolutely amazing. I traveled halfway around the world to teach soccer. It's just something you want to do when you're a bit younger. And as soon as I got the chance to do it, I jumped at it, and I was on the first plane over", said camp director, Ben Gardner.

"The British coaches have come to teach us things that I haven't learned yet, and that's pretty cool", said first time camper, Piper Adkins.

"We learned different skills, like different moves and different activities you can do", said second time camper, Kenedy Knott.

"How to kind of get past people and to get better with controlling the ball", said Castella.

"They're teaching me better things to do to get my shooting better", said Adkins.

The coaches stay with host families as they teach this week-long camp.

"It helps you build relationships with the kids, and they love it. They think we're just like idols to them, which is great for them", said Gardner.

"It's really a great experience and really helps our kids a lot. They've developed some really great skills, and they're better players", said camp coordinator, Jennifer Castella.

The kids enjoy sharing their love of the game with their coaches who have the same passion.

"We have World Cup tennis, and my team was Argentina. We are blue, so I spray painted my hair blue", said Knott.

"The kids really enjoy it. One of the best things is that the guys are really enthusiastic and all. They do a great job of working with the kids, and they make it a lot of fun. So, it's maybe something a little different than they're used to getting, and the guys have a lot of knowledge of soccer", said Castella.

The campers are already looking forward to coming back next year.

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