East Texas veteran creates unique art

William Miles, WWII Veteran
William Miles, WWII Veteran
Suzanne Crawford, daughter of Miles
Suzanne Crawford, daughter of Miles

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - "Oh, I'm proud. I'm proud," said World War II veteran, William Miles.

William Miles is not only proud to be an American, but also proud to be 87 and still crafting.

"Oh I enjoy it. It doesn't make any difference how hot it is. I still enjoy it dearly," said Miles.

He uses many different types of trees to make his tree art. The pieces usually take him hours, and he can make several in a day.

"Well, I get different with each piece. Each piece is different," said Miles.

"Sometimes he does some with briars wrapped around the wood and never even gets a scratch. I don't know how he does that, but it's fun to watch him," said his daughter, Suzanne Crawford.

Miles suffers from health issues. He's had three open heart surgeries. He says his artwork helps him exercise his hands. Some of his art is especially creative for the fourth of July weekend.

"A tree and then he put little red, white, and blue stickers into it, but it wasn't natural-looking. So, he took those out. It's just not anything special for the fourth, but it's a special day to him. He may make something unusual," said Crawford.

The fourth has special meaning for this World War II veteran because he fought for our independence.

"The freedom of this country, which I love dearly, and I remember the veterans", said Miles.

"Oh I'm just so proud of him because he's always taught us and the grandchildren to be proud to be an American. And, we're always proud of him for serving," said Crawford.

Miles loves collecting wood from all over East Texas to make his tree art.

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