Angelina Co. deputies blame bath salts behind man's rampage

Dewey Windham mug shot courtesy of Angelina County Jail.
Dewey Windham mug shot courtesy of Angelina County Jail.

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Deputies are blaming bath salts for a man's rampage through his family's Angelina County neighborhood.

"When we responded he was standing out in the yard, had his hands up to his ears. He was walking around with no shirt, sweating," said Sgt. Sergio Luna, Angelina Co. Sheriff's Office.

Families members called 9-1-1.  They needed help getting Dewey Windham, 45, under control.  Luna was among the first to arrive on Saron Road.

"He was just saying he was seeing people, people were chasing him, other animals were chasing him. He was just having a bad trip," said Luna.

A bad trip that deputies say included shooting up the inside of his step-mom's home and breaking the front window.

"He ran up the street, down the streets, ran down the street, ran to family's houses," said Luna.

Narcotics Officer Allen Hill says this sounds like a typical psychotic break from bath salts.

"Affects the central nervous system which of course is the brain. Doing strange things to them," said Hill.

He's not talking about the kind of salts used in the bath-tub. These bath salts are the latest designer drug.  They're hard to fight because they're legal. The side effects can be dangerous.

"Violent. They have hallucinations. It's as real to them at the time than anything in the world," said Hill.

Now, two days after deputies arrested Windham, he's still being restrained in a chair to keep him safe.  The real challenge is stopping the spread of bath salts.

"Once it hits the streets, it's unimaginable what's going to happen," said Luna.

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