East Texas legal experts weigh-in on Casey Anthony verdict

Angelina Co. Assistant District Attorney Art Bauereiss
Angelina Co. Assistant District Attorney Art Bauereiss
Ryan Deaton, Defense Attorney
Ryan Deaton, Defense Attorney

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The verdict in the Casey Anthony trial hit close to home for Angelina County Prosecutor Art Bauereiss.

"You feel like there's been a wrongful acquittal," said Art Burgess, Angelina Co. Asst. D.A.

He empathizes with the Florida prosecutors.  He says they left no stone unturned.

"I really do feel for them in the outcome they got in that case because I know they tried their heart's out," said Burgess.

Lufkin defense attorney Ryan Deaton can relate to Anthony's lawyer Jose Baez. He, too, won some surprising verdicts for his clients.

"Sounds like he got the last laugh. He obviously did a good enough job to have found her not guilty... this is one of those I think the general public thought she should've lost," said Ryan Deaton, defense attorney.

Even though they face off in a courtroom on a regular basis, Deaton and Burgess do agree on one thing: that a case begins and ends in the jury box.

"Win or lose - you listen to the jury. They're the ones that make the decision in these cases. You can't second guess them," said Deaton.

Bauereiss takes the jury selection process very seriously.  He believes the 12 individuals who make up a jury are critical to a prosecutor's success.

"I think it has to do with attitudes and life experiences that they bring with them into the jury box," said Bauereiss.

Regardless of which side of the court you're on, every attorney has a strategy.

"Every case has elements. Those elements are the law. You just pick one element and you pound it and you try to get the jurors to believe that the state hasn't proven their case to a reasonable doubt," said Deaton.

Once the trial reaches closing arguments, the jury is in control.

"Many times you feel confident with what you have and the jury just doesn't see it that way," said Bauereiss.

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