The Bearing Wildfire is contained, but still not out

Sheila Greenwood, Trinity County Resident
Sheila Greenwood, Trinity County Resident

TRINITY COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - The Bearing Wildfire is now at 100 percent containment.

"It is within a containment line, which means there's a perimeter around the actual fire. Whereas, controlled fire means that it is completely out and it's safe. Everyone has left the scene, and it's 100 percent out", said Melanie Spradling with the Texas Forest Service.

That's not the case. A few fire crews are staying behind to put out five hot spots that keep flaring up. Sheila Greenwood lives off FM 2262 in Trinity County. Her eyes are on the tree line that was a wall of flames 2 weeks ago.

"The pine trees and everything around here that's smoked right behind our home. The needles are just dry and they're so brittle; they just break off", said Greenwood.

These charred tree remains and the bulldozer, serve as reminders of the havoc that the Bearing Wildfire wreaked on East Texas.

Greenwood worries if the drought doesn't improve, the fire will come back.

"I'm still a little bit nervous about it, in a way, by sleeping all night, you know. We need rain, real bad, and I been praying for rain and everyone around here", said Greenwood.

While she waits on that rain to arrive, the Texas Forest Service says firefighters won't stop until the job is done.

"It's still not 100 percent out, so you can't say it's not dangerous anymore. It is still, in some ways concern, but that's why we have the resources there", said Spradling.

It's a constant reminder of what can easily happen again. But, Greenwood wants to leave wildfires in the past.

"Firemen are still coming up and down our road and just really keep an eye on things. And, that makes me feel more safe", said Greenwood.